Mirabel Golf Club Testimonials

David & Wendy Scherl, Mirabel Members

Jeffrey & Sally Horn, Mirabel Members

The Wave

When Sally and I began our search for a home in Arizona, we rented a home in Paradise Valley and began our search there. With a realtor in tow...or with our Zillow phone apps...we “checked out” virtually every community and almost every block in PV...then expanded the search to “nice” communities in nearby Scottsdale and nearby Phoenix. Nothing quite clicked. Close...but not what we were looking for.

Then we got a dinner invite from friends to visit Mirabel. “Clicked” does not do justice for how we felt about that visit. We fell head over heels in love with the Mirabel community, the home we ended up buying (with help from Bob and Tim), the Club and the Club’s membership. Everything felt shockingly right.

After almost a year here, we realize now one of the key contributors to the magic we felt. And we see that magic everyday here: It’s “The Wave.” Driving in cars, carts, walking, jogging, staff, guests, members... everyone within these gates…smiles and waves as you go by each other. Instantly, you know you are in YOUR neighborhood….and you’re home...

Gotta love The Wave…

Susan and Ken Baker, Mirabel Members

Michael Leary, Regional Membership Executive, The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club

As a guest in your recent Staghorn Cup, I wanted to reach out to you all and tell you what a great experience it was for me. When Ken Black invited me I assumed it was just another member-guest golf event that we’ve all played in from time to time. I was never so wrong! The quality of service at every level was far beyond expectations. The combination of professionalism and friendly attitude made the event one to remember. That goes for everyone from the gentlemen greeting you as you arrive, the attendants on the range, helping with setting up everyone for practice and never missing a dirty club, the F&B servers and bartenders, the pro shop staff and the locker room attendants. They were all fantastic! Even your F&B director who, when I asked him why you don’t stock the Sun Valley energy bars on the course as you did last year. He first told me that they had to suspend sending the product because of issues with the company but didn’t stop there. He researched the company so he could tell me they are no longer in business, even so far as to find out that their website domain name was for sale. That’s going beyond the call of duty over a simple question! Fantastic!

The format for the event was also fantastic with a combination of competitiveness and a lot of fun. The shootout was a blast, except for the Florida guy who couldn’t find his way out of the sand when it really counted!

Gentlemen, I could go on about the quality of the food & beverage, the condition of the course and other things, however working for Ritz-Carlton, I’m exposed to a level of service that usually sets the benchmark within the hospitality industry. Well, you folks might be able to teach us a thing or two from what I saw.

Can’t express my gratitude enough!

Vic Springer, Mirabel Member

When we think of what being a member of Mirabel has meant to me, my wife, and my family, I first think what the term The Mirabel Experience means to me. it is first and foremost a community of friends with a common vision for what being a member of great golf club and a great golf community is all about. It begins with a World Class golf course, designed by the foremost architect of the modern era, Tom Fazio. It is about a member owned and managed club, that is financially sound, with no debt. It is about inclusion – members who make you feel welcome, that use their club as a social gathering place, that actively participate in many golf events, parties, dinners, or just sipping a glass of wine and conversation around a fireplace or outside fire-pit. It is a place that promotes an active lifestyle – a newly expanded fitness center, premier tennis facilities, spa services, all complete with professional instructors and counselors. It is about exceptional dining in the beautiful Desert Lodge Clubhouse, with its spectacular views, setting, and ambiance. It is a place where employees are treated like family, and where they return to you in kind. I am proud to say I am a member of Mirabel and I hope you will to, when you join us in the Mirabel Experience!

Emmet Root, Mirabel Member

Fran and I were fortunate to have joined Mirabel about seven years ago. It is not just the fabulous golf course that is playable for us super seniors, or the complete fitness experience for both husband and wife, and the complete dining package of sumptuous themed buffets and top notch gourmet regular meals for personal dining or entertaining, but the real secret of our club is the warm and personal relationships of ALMOST EVERYONE we know at Mirabel. Whether it is the bull sessions on the back tee or the gathering at the bar before dinner everyone is an old friend. I don’t know of very many clubs here in the Phoenix area or even back home that could claim such friendly surroundings.