Real Estate Brokerage Company

Mirabel Properties, LLC is a full-service real estate brokerage company specializing in promoting real estate exclusively within the Mirabel community. Established originally by the developer to sell property to initial buyers, Mirabel Properties now exclusively handles resales and focuses 100 percent of its activity on representing individual sellers within the community and buyers who are looking for property. The team at Mirabel Properties possesses an unparalleled knowledge of buying and selling property in the community and over the years has skillfully handled more than 600 real estate transactions within Mirabel’s gates.

Contact Mirabel Properties at 480-595-2545 to explore resale options and available properties.

Bob Lomax is the Owner and Designated Broker for Mirabel Properties and has been at Mirabel from the beginning – before there was even a road or golf course. He is a Founder Member of the Mirabel Club and helped formulate the original master plan and governance documents of the community and club. His knowledge about the community and property is invaluable to anyone wishing to acquire real estate in Mirabel. Bob became a full-time REALTOR in 1994 and has held broker’s licenses in California, Idaho, and Nevada as well as in Arizona. He received his undergraduate business degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California. Please contact Bob by phone or e-mail at [email protected].